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GenF20 Plus-An Introduction!


Want to look, feel, and perform the way you did ten or even twenty years ago?  Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, may be the key.  As we age, the pituitary gland produces less and less HGH.  This drop in production is believed to be one of the primary causes of the factors that accompany aging—increased belly fat, decreased energy and stamina, sagging, wrinkled skin, and decreased focus and memory, amongst many other things.  While it’s long been understood in the medical community that replenishing the body’s HGH levels can essentially turn back time, the only way to do reliably used to be costly injections--$10,000-$30,000 for a full course of treatment.

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Questions and Answers about GenF20 Plus


Q.  Will I have to remember to take a bunch of different supplements throughout the day like with many other anti-aging products currently on the market?
A. NO!  With GenF20 Plus, you take two capsules twice a day plus the recommended dosage of oral spray.  That’s it!

Q.  Can GenF20 Plus help me lose weight?
A.  Yes!  Increased levels of HGH can help your body convert fat cells to energy, stabilize blood sugar, prevent storage of additional fat, increase lean muscle mass, and increase metabolism!

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The Ingredients


GenF20 Plus uses only pure, natural, carefully selected ingredients in the capsules and the oral spray.   The active ingredients work together for peak HGH stimulation, and many provide other health benefits that will help maximize your results with GenF20 Plus.

  • L-Arginine —L-Arginine helps to burn fat and build lean muscle, and can improve performance in high intensity, short duration workouts.  It can also improve immunity, fight cancer, and even improve male fertility.  It is not available from dietary sources.

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How GenF20 Plus Changed Everything for One Man


Nobody thinks they’re going to get old.  Aging is something that happens to, well…old people.  It’s an easy mantra to repeat when you find a gray hair (“Oh, there’s Dad’s genetics, I guess I’m going gray early.”) or when it’s time to buy new, larger pants for the second time this year (“Stupid cheap fabric, shrinking up in the wash like that!”), but the simple truth is, aging is happening to every single one of us every moment of every day.  And boy, was I feeling it.  I had Dad’s “early” graying, magical shrinking trousers, no energy, and worst of all, my doctor said my cholesterol and blood pressure had climbed over my last few visits. 

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